Our Coolest Technologically Advanced Attraction

The taggers are technologically advanced “laser” equipment which actually uses infra-red light. Infra-red is on the safe side of the visible spectrum (no actual lasers are used). All the weapons come with either a red-dot sighting as used by many military and police agencies worldwide. 

No safety equipment is required. There is NO projectile involved with outdoor laser-gaming, No goggles, no masks, no protective gear needed. We recommend each player to wear suitable, sturdy footwear, no crocs, or backless or toe-less shoes.

There are sensors on the laser taggers and on the front and the back of the headband. Each time the sensor is hit, the tagger will register it. Laser tag attracts a much broader market. The young and mid-teens market are extremely keen on combat games. The young-mid teen market is also impacted by parental concern about safety. Due to the price, safety, and often-legal advantages, laser tag wins in the young-teens market every time against paintball.

The minimum age is 6, our games are also designed for adults.

For all sessions bring your own: Covered shoes appropriate for rough terrain, Insect repellent, and sunscreen.

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