Laser Tagging: Better Than the Old-School Paint Balling

Benefits of Laser Tagging over Paint Balling

Painless, no mess Painful, messy
Enjoyed by all genders and ages Enjoyed mainly by males between the ages of 15-30
Taggers have a far range so they can be played in a larger area Short-range fire, needs to be played in a small area
No protective material needed around the game, the game can spread out Area needs to be contained by protective netting, so game uses a smaller area
No protective gear Uncomfortable protective gear is required
Taggers reload when required, no pellets to purchase More expensive, need to purchase pellets to reload
Medic box and Ammo box add "life" and strategy to the game No Medic box or Ammo box
Impossible to cheat. Gun automatically stops working when you are out Player may not even notice they have been hit and stay in the game

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